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IVF Egg Retrieval Update 2

by Angela
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Merry Christmas everyone! I am about to go offline to enjoy some time with our family. Before I forget, I want to share a quick update.

December 22: I had to call the hotline multiple times to check about my pain. They kept putting me on hold and transferring me to a nurse voicemail when I have specifically mentioned I am in terrible pain and just need to verify to a nurse if this is normal. 5th call finally got someone from the main hotline to patch me to the nurse on duty – right away – and was told first to go the RMA office. Then she called back with my Dr’s order to go to the ER. Apparently if you have a lot of retrieved there are other major things that can happen. Since it isn’t common they only told me of the bloating and minor aches.

Praying this is just bloating and no severe issue with my ovary/ovaries. Since I did have a lot of eggs I also developed larger ones that are now referred to as cyst and I have fluid build up but will subside next time aunt fanny visits. It’s ohss but now on the last part or tail of it. Supposedly the pain I am having is the peak of ohss. Doctor said it should get better soon. But the pain is still the same. Just have to take more salty foods, protein and fluids. Pain reliever as well.

December 24: Christmas Eve! We got our update from RMA a day early. Such a great way to start Christmas. Out of 24 embryos that they fertilized, 18 made it to date. Now they’re testing biopsying and freezing the remaining embryos as well as testing for chromosomal abnormalities or genetic conditions. They’ll update us once the testing is done. The next step for me at this point is start my paperwork for getting my surgery “hysteroscopy polypectomy”.

Now let’s hope and pray we get a good number out of 18.

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