IVF Egg Retrieval Update

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Out of 25, 24 were good for pairing with sperm. Out of 24, 21 fertilized ???????????? on Christmas day they will call and let us know how many of the fertilized embryos made it to day 5!

Grow embies grow!!! ???????????? Oh and now I am just waiting for “aunt fanny’s” visit ???????????? after she leaves, the biopsy of embies should be done too and we can proceed with transfer ????????????

PS: Still walking like a penguin from retaining water weight and the bloating. Overall feeling much better despite the slight pain and discomfort. Just super ecstatic of the results and hoping that the numbers stay good all the way to biopsy.

To all the ladies on Fertilitalk, thank you so much for all your support. I may not see all of you in person but I am absolutely glad you’re all there. That we get to support each other. ???? To my my blogger pals and readers, big thanks to all of you too!

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