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New Years Resolutions For Parents

by Angela
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New Years Resolutions for parents should be a relatively simple process. It seems that every time the process begins and then the focus slips to parents making resolutions for their children. So let’s work together to develop a wide variety of parent resolutions to choose from and return the focus back on parents.

Listen More Than You Speak
Just stating the obvious is easy to write but very hard to put into practice. Here are some helpful hints. Don’t interrupt a child when the child is speaking. Don’t finish a sentence for a child. Give them the time to do it themselves. Do let them tell you the same things over and over. It must be important to them. Do ask them what they think. Do let them come up with ideas and help them follow through with them. Above it all … JUST listen.

Practice Patience
Practice and keep up with it. Don’t let your body signals give you away. Learn the art of waiting, learning, explaining, and doing it all over again, as many times as needed.

I’ve Got Your Back
Parent as a team and show the family that you stick together. Don’t let a child divide and conquer. Always let the other parent know – you’ve got their back. Agree on how to raise, praise, and discipline the children. Parenting is a team event. Even if the parents don’t live in the same home, the children must come first.

Don’t Speak in Anger
Put yourself in time out until the anger is gone. Breathe, Pause, Refocus. Let the child know that you are too angry to be rational and cannot speak at all. It will have to come later. Taking this extra step makes a whole world of a difference as anger is such a strong emotion for children to shoulder.

One-on-One Time with Each Child
Make sure each parent has one-on-one time with each child every week. Every day just does not seem attainable in most situations. What a parent and a child do together is not as important as the fact that it is only the two of them. Turn off the cell phone and spend at least 30 minutes of alone time with each of your children. It will be something that will never be a regret.

Be a Better Spouse
Parenting is a hard job. In order to be great parents, other things have to be working well in life. So part of being a great parent may be giving each other the courage and strength to take on the job. Make sure the bond is strong between the two of you. Make a resolution to be a better spouse and companion.

Learn a New Skill From Your Child
Many amazing things happen when a child is able to share and teach. Everyone involved is enlightened and learns. So, please have your child share their knowledge and teach you something. If she is two and wants to teach you to stir, learn how. If she is 13 and wants to teach you to text (bless you), learn how.

Laugh, a Lot.
Needless to say, this does not require any further explanation. Laughter, happiness … both comes hand in hand.

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… and that sums up a few ideas of New Years Resolutions For Parents! Do you have some ideas to add to the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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