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If you were to ask most people, they would prefer being organized over being disorganized. Many individuals express the desire to develop better organization skills in their personal lives, jobs, or homes. While some people seem to have a natural talent for organization, others may feel otherwise and believe it is a skill they lack.

Thankfully, it is possible for anyone to acquire organizational skills through dedicated effort and consistent practice. By doing so, you can save valuable time each day and avoid the frustration of searching for misplaced items like a remote control.

To maintain an organized home, it’s crucial to designate a specific place for every item. This upfront effort will lead to a well-maintained home with less ongoing work. Although it may require some time, establishing a system will ultimately be worth it.

Utilizing Bins
One way to keep your home organized is to use plastic bins for storing toys in your children’s rooms, plastic folders for organizing DVDs in the living room, baskets for towels in the bathroom, and a box under the sink for your cleaning supplies. By assigning specific places for everything, it will be easier for you and your family to tidy up and maintain a clutter-free home.

Designated Spot
When beginning any organizational project, it is important to start with small steps. It can be challenging to find the time, energy or motivation to organize the entire pantry at once. However, it is more manageable to focus on organizing one shelf of the pantry while preparing popcorn for a movie night. Organizing a cluttered space can be incredibly satisfying, and the sense of achievement can inspire you to tackle other areas of your home. Slowly but surely, your home will transform into a place where everything has its own designated spot.

Don’t Put It Down – Put It Away!
After setting up your organizational system, keeping it in order is easy – just put things back in their designated spots after use. This is an excellent way to get other family members, even kids, involved in taking care of the home. You’ll begin to see that you save time! A quick look will tell you if the craft cabinet has all the necessary supplies for homework projects, instead of wasting 30 minutes searching through piles of pipe cleaners and old glue sticks.

organization, clutter, organized, messy, clean, fresh

Keeping Inventory
Example: To ensure a smooth dinner party, it’s always wise to inspect your pantry for any essential ingredients beforehand. This will save you from making an unplanned trip to the grocery store due to missing items such as chicken broth hidden in the depths of your shelves.

One Step Ahead
On the other hand, getting ready for work or school can be less stressful when everyone isn’t scrambling to locate backpacks, computers, shoes, and keys because all essentials had been prepped and ready to go.

Being organized is not a secret: start small, make a place for everything, and enjoy extra time, less stress, and no more lost items!

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