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Why Photos Are So Timeless

by Angela
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Thanks to modern technology and society, photos have now become such an integral part of our life, that it’s probably more accurate to consider them a requirement, than a privilege. Many years ago, photos were used for special occasions, to commemorate, celebrate and remember a certain time in life worth remembering, when actually obtaining a photo was a lot more work than it is today. Before the era of camera phones, people had to take photos using film, which meant you could only take as many pictures as there is film in the camera – this was then taken to stores where you paid a small fee to have your beloved photos developed and printed onto another surface.The release of digital camera meant that there was no longer a need for film, and we could take and view instant photos by storing them. Now, with the help of smartphones and social media, photography has become such an influential part of our lives, with us capturing almost every moment on camera. They are great for keepsakes, gifts, and quite frankly, are brilliant for bragging rights. But what makes it so special? Why are photos so important to us?

Moments, Not Minutes
One of the best things about pictures is that they capture specific moments, rather than a few seconds or minutes of footage – there are certain things that a photo can capture that film simply can’t. For example, everyone loves those graduation pictures with the students either captured mid jump or with their graduate hats in mid air, right? It just doesn’t quite have the same effect, filming the scene rather than taking a snapshot of that iconic moment. Photos completely immortalise a moment in time. While the people, or landscape, in a photo may change over time, that photo will last forever.

Can Be Transferred Anywhere
Photos can be taken with you anywhere, in almost any size/shape. If you want one for a giant photo frame to make your living room look more appealing? That can be done. Want one for your keyring, so you can be reminded of that moment or person at any point? Sure. Or maybe you’ve lost a loved one, and you have that set of photos that you took years ago that perfectly personifies that individual to a tee, and would be great as pictures for grave markers or headstones. As well as physically, they can be moved around digitally too. Say you lost your phone, thanks to cloud computing you can have those photos from your amazing time in DisneyWorld uploaded to a storage that you can access at any time, anywhere.

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They Capture the Imagination
Photos are a form of art. They’re a great way for people to embrace their creative side, for both the photographer and the subject. They allow us to show different perspectives, they can tell a story, and they can showcase someone’s personality, interests, and how they view the world. You’ll often see that you could have multiple photographers take a picture of the same view or subject, and yet they can all look completely different, which is an art, and a skill in itself.

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