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Learning while Playing Games! Stimulate Your Brain with Solitaire!

by Angela
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Learning through play.

That is a saying that you would often hear me say. I am a firm believer. I encourage it and will always recommend it. The way I see it, life itself and the world around us is hard and rough as it is. Why make kids learning hard when you have the option to make it fun? Exactly.

Plus, when kids are having fun while learning, they think they are simply playing. In turn, they are engaged much longer. It then triggers a domino effect where they want to continue learning instead of detesting the idea of studying. If that is not brilliant, I don’t know what is.

Since we are a family that enjoys and appreciates digital or in-person games, I always welcome suggestions. This brings me back to a few weeks ago when my best friend asked if I still play Solitaire and if I had already introduced it to our oldest. The truth of the matter is that I honestly have forgotten about it. I got so caught up with being a mom and multitasking life as an adult that whenever I find time, I opt for RPG and idle games. The thing with Solitaire is that it is relatively easy and relaxing, and yet it also encourages problem-solving and practices deducting equations.

If you’re a millennial, there’s a chance that you are familiar, if not well versed, with Solitaire like I am. It was the first game I played on a computer growing up. It is straightforward, relaxing, and doesn’t require having multiple players. After that quick trip down memory lane, I have also decided to introduce it to our son. I searched for a Solitaire game online and stumbled across Solitaire.orgthis website discovery is a gem!

What is it about Solitaire.org that I have come to like? EVERYTHING. It is entirely FREE, and they even have different versions of Solitaire that adds an entertaining twist to the classic version. Their “Magic Castle Solitaire Card Game” is our favorite. It is colorful and it features cute characters for the face cards. Very kid friendly to be honest. But to be specific, the icing on the cake on this website is that there are NO ADS whatsoever. No annoying pop-ups or clickbait in between text or captions. I don’t have to download any program, and I don’t need to worry about anything slowing down our computer or my kid’s netbook. Another thing is that it is also compatible with our phone’s browser. This means we can play their games even on the go.

Another thing to note is that even if the website is named Solitaire, they also have other collections of games across several categories shown in its sitewide navigation. Another type of game we fancy is their “Hidden Object Puzzle Games,” and our son likes to play the “Pirates and Treasures” game. It is upbeat, has excellent background music, and is not too loud or mellow. The concept of treasure hunting keeps everyone continuously engaged!

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Our youngest also participates in our game time, and he helps find similar objects in “Match 3 Video Games,” and whoever gets to connect 3 in a row wins. If you are familiar with Candy Crush, they also have a game inspired by it like “Candy House”. The boys’ race who gets to find and point where is the next piece, and we all get to spend quality time together while they are also learning. Win-Win!

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There are games that you can use to teach important life lessons, as well. As Daniel Lerner and David Lerner Associates have discussed, financial literacy is a vital skill for children to learn, especially as they approach the age where they may soon be leaving the home to live more independently. Boardgames like CASHFLOW, Acquire, and even Monopoly can teach the basics of money management and the role of money in managing life’s expenses, for instance.

Now for the parents looking to unwind and relax on their own, you can guarantee you will find something to like and enjoy playing at Solitaire.org! Get ready to enjoy and have hours of fun.

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