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My Softish Throat Drops Experience

by Angela
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Softish Throat Drops

Having a sore throat is not a joke. The pain and the fever if may bring really gives me uneasy feeling and discomfort. This is why every time I feel like my throat is acting up, I always do those first-aid types of things I know to combat or prevent sore throat from happening. But sometimes, the good old way of preventing and relieving sore throat is not enough. This is why or how I end up trying out different throat drops that are natural and easy to the taste buds. Out of the few throat drops I tried, only the Softish Throat drops product works well with my throat dilemma.

Softish Throat Drops

Softish Throat Drops

The Softish Throat drops are quite effective in terms of relieving and soothing the discomfort of sore throat. I can say that even if they are not quite known in the mainstream market yet, they will surely flourish and can become the number 1 sore throat brand in the near future. But I wish Pine Bros. LLC, the Softish Throat Drops manufacturer, can change adjust things out for their product. Below are some of the minor things that for me are what holding them back from reaching more consumers.

Softish Throat Drops

Softish Throat Drops

Flavor – Out of the four flavors I have, I only like the honey flavored ones. The wild cherry doesn’t really suit my taste bud. I guess, if they can adjust the flavor mixing a bit, all of their products can be surely a hit.

Not So Chewable – I know this it is not meant to chew but for a person like me who love candies and drops a bit chewable, this one I think is a bit out of my taste. It is a bit tougher than gummy bears but then again, it is just me. This one can be an optional adjustment for them.

I hope that the above 2 minor flaws that I experienced with Softish Throat Drops won’t hinder you from buying the said great product. If you are looking for effectiveness in terms of soothing and relieving the stubborn sore throat you have, this is your kind of product.

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