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Favorite Summer Holiday Memories

by Angela
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As I was growing up my family and I look forward to get-together’s and spending some quality time by the beach or in the park while barbecuing during summer time. We love reminiscing the good old days and having a good laugh with our elder’s stories during their prime. Personally I can choose to do something else during the summer season, like go to theme parks and what not. Except, spending quality time with family members and friends is priceless.

Now that I have my own I have realized having a balanced life in this generation is very challenging. Most of us are trapped in the digital age and can’t even separate ourselves from technology. Often than not, kids nowadays aren’t even familiar of games and activities that does not involve a smart device, cellphone, laptop or a tablet. We are so out of touch to the point that the whole family starts to grow apart. First hand I have witnessed all these as well, not just from friends or families … but from my own. As much as I don’t want to admit what I see, we are all glued to our gadgets and barely interact with each other. Being a parent and keeping a household together is much more than I could ever imagined it to be – then again, there really isn’t a crash course to prepare yourself in real life’s challenges.

Realizing that we have grown so dependent with our gadgets I have reached out to my family for suggestions. From there, we made some changes in our lifestyle and the usual go-to summer activities. We then started socializing more with relatives in hopes that it would make a difference and help keep my home and family united and in touch with each other.
Changes didn’t immediately reflect results but knowing what my main goal made a big difference. I tried my best to keep my family together and every summer we attended gatherings religiously… all the while staying away from technology or gadgets for as much as we can. Slowly, things paid off and now my family get to do more activities together and even enjoy a good laugh or two.

To my fellow bloggers or mommy readers out there, what have you done to bring balance into your life? Feel free to share some of your tips and suggestions.

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