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Tastiest Coffees and the Perfect Healthy Breakfast To Go With

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With thousands upon thousands of different coffee flavors, it may be hard to choose which one is the best. But overall, a late 2014 taste test of over 1,000 cups of joe yielded that today’s coffee drinkers tend to prefer Columbian roasts.

In fact, the top two picks for 2014 were Newman’s Own Organics Columbian Especial Medium Roast, and Gloria Jean’s Columbian Supremo Medium Roast. Why these? It seemed that the complex yet well balance of these two coffees’ flavors was found to be a bit stronger and fruiter than the flavors of the other brands.

A Perfect Compliment
Certainly along with a good cup of morning coffee should be a tasty yet healthy breakfast. When opting for a fruitier or sweeter coffee taste, you may want to go with a more basic bowl of corn flakes or other less sweet type of meal such as a plain bagel – light on the cream cheese, of course!

Others may prefer the somewhat sour yet healthy grapefruit in the A.M. And, for those on the go who need to take their morning meal with them, a less sweetened flavor of breakfast bar may just do the trick.

It is really important here to consider your taste. For example, Colombian coffees do tend to have a fairly strong flavor in terms of actual taste as well as aroma. Therefore, keep in mind that you will want to pursue something healthy, yet something that will also be able to counterbalance that sweetness or bitterness to make for an overall tasty first meal of the day.

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Other Coffee Taste Tips
In addition to taste and brand, there are some other tips to follow that can help you in achieving that perfect cup of coffee every morning – no matter what type of taste you prefer. Choose a Good Coffee Maker – Regardless of the brand of coffee you opt for, having a good coffee maker itself can make a big difference. So, be sure that you choose a coffee maker that has the setting, heat, and brew quality that you like.

Keep Up the Maintenance
In addition to having a good quality coffee maker, you will also want to make sure that you keep the coffee maker both clean and well maintained. Otherwise, regardless of what type of coffee brand or flavor you choose, the taste will likely suffer.

Would You Like Cream With That?
In addition to your coffee itself, as well as the appliances used to brew it, you may also choose to go with or without cream or other flavor induced additives in your coffee. These can make a big difference in the overall taste you can achieve as well.

Weigh Freshness Versus Convenience
Here is where you may need to decide whether you want that truly fresh flavor in the morning or if you’d rather hit the snooze on the alarm clock one more time. For those in search of the tastier drink, grinding your coffee at home may be a tad bit more time consuming and less convenient, however, it will make a big difference in the taste and freshness in your morning drink.

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