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Top 10 Best Kids Movies on Netflix

by Angela
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Top 10 Best Kids Movies on Netflix

Children love Netflix. After all, it provides a plethora of kid-friendly movies and animations that they will surely enjoy. If you still have younger ones, it is advised that you be mindful of the shows that your children are watching. In fact, it would even be best if you watch the shows along with them.

If you are currently looking for a show to watch with your children, you came to the right place! As an avid Netflix user, I have already watched just about all the movies in the “Children and Family Movies” category so I have lots of things to say on the matter. Are you ready to know what my top kid’s movies picks are? Well, here it goes.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame 10.) The Hunchback of Notre Dame | Running time: 91 minutes (1996)
The movie is not a typical eye catching kid’s tale because of the main character, but redeemed itself as the story progress. In this movie Quasimodo who is a deformed bell-ringer in Notre Dame Cathedral instilled a moral lesson for everyone to relate to.

The lessons of the film fights against superficiality and teaching children to focus on the character of a person and not his looks.

Pocahontas 9.) Pocahontas | Running time: 81 minutes (1995)
This movie is perfect for children who are going to start their school life. You can use this movie to start a conversation about the different races and that they should learn to respect their classmate’s culture, beliefs as well as traditions.

— as the story line goes on, this movie is perfect to point out what bullying is and prevent it from happening in school!

The Tale of Desperaux 8.) The Tale of Desperaux | Running time: 93 minutes (2008)
The gorgeous animation of this show will be very engaging for younger kids (aged 3-5 years old). This is a story of a young and little yet very brave mouse who was able to conquer life’s struggles and obstacles.

This just goes to show that something or someone little can do great things if he or she believes they can. The best movie to show your kids whenever they’re feeling somewhat scared or terrified for being away from home.

Antz 7.) Antz | Running time: 83 minutes (1998)
This is a story about a lowly worker ant who invested time and effort in order to achieve his dreams. The setting and the characters are kid-friendly and it also helps to teach children about hard work, hardship, challenges and bravery even at an early age.

The main character Z, stood up for himself despite being doubted for what he can do and overcame his fears, learned to be honest and admit his mistakes. All the while helping his society break free from their obstacles and find insectopia.

A Bugs Life 6.) A Bug’s Life | Running time: 95 minutes (1998)
The story-line of this movie is quite similar to Antz – I also highly recommend this for children to tackle real-life hardships head on. It’s definitely something children (and children-at-heart) can relate to.

The main character Flik is a clever, misfit ant who loves to invent things and ventured out in the wild to recruit help. He struggled to fit in and eventually learned how he could make a difference.

Mulan 5.) Mulan | Running time: 88 minutes (1998)
This movie teaches about sense of duty, bravery and honor in the most engaging and amusing way possible.

The main character Mulan didn’t let her gender stop her from helping her family and fought bravely for what she believes in. On top of that, the little dragon Mushu (who happens to have an interesting personality) surely is fun to watch that will surely keep your kids entertained. Definitely a great movie to watch with the whole family.

Dumbo 4.) Dumbo | Running time: 64 minutes (1941)
A classic movie that is highly recommended for kids (and the rest of the family) to watch. There are some weird elephant trips in the show but its story-line teaches children about accepting, and even celebrating, people’s differences.

The main character in the story is a lovable misfit elephant named Dumbo who was ridiculed for his enormous ears and was assisted by a little mouse to accomplish his full potential.

The Croods 3.) The Croods | Running time: 98 minutes (2013)
Even though this movie is set during the stone age era, the movie is spot on when it comes to portraying the modern family — overprotective father and a rebellious daughter.

The movie teaches a lot of lessons including paying honor and respect to parents, learning to cope up with life’s changes and a father’s unconditional love for his family.

Ice Age 2.) Ice Age | Running time: 81 minutes (2002)
This movie features a sabertooth tiger, a sloth, and a wooly mammoth who was united by an infant despite their differences – perfect story-line to educate kids about friendship and hardships.

They faced struggles in their daily exploration of unknown territory and eventually learned that the only way they can help each other is to finally appreciate each other’s efforts and the roles they play in each other’s lives.

The Lion King 1.) The Lion King | Running time: 89 minutes (1994)
I chose this as the number one movie because children can easily relate to the misunderstandings they sometimes have with their parents. The main character Simba will surely capture the attention of your kids the most for his enthusiasm to please others and habitual liking to test his boundaries that often gets him into trouble.

Overall this movie is a classic choice for me and my family to sit down to and bond together.

So, what are you waiting for? Schedule a fun movie night with your kids and watch these movies now! I am sure your kids will love it just as much as we do!

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