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10 Steps To A Modern Kitchen

by Angela
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Modern Kitchen

Kitchens are without a doubt one of the most important rooms in the house. You prepare at least three meals a day in there and if you do a lot of hosting, you’ll also be spending a lot of time in the kitchen with guests.

Kitchen design trends seem to change every year and right now, the spotlight is on modernity. Gone are the days of ornate oak cupboards, elaborate tablecloths, and ostentatious chandeliers. Nowadays, it’s all about a streamlined modern look. Here are some great ideas to achieve that modern, sophisticated look.

1. Upgrade Your Appliances
Nothing dates a kitchen more than old appliances. If you’ve been using the same oven and refrigerator for the past two decades, it’s probably time to upgrade. For a classic modern look, opt for stainless steel or black finishes. Some appliances even come with interchangeable panels so that you can change the look of your stove or fridge in just minutes.

Many manufacturers also offer appliances in fun accent colors, which can be stunning and add a pop to the feel of your kitchen!

2. Hide The Appliances
If upgrading every appliance in the kitchen isn’t in your budget, try hiding them instead! Camouflage the dishwasher or fridge with cupboard doors for an extremely minimalist effect. Modern designs incorporate a lot of empty space to create a spacious, minimalistic look to the kitchen.
You can also go the DIY route or purchase a specially designed appliance that will blend right into the décor.

3. Keep It Clutter Free
Modernity is all about minimalism and nothing ruins that effect like a stack of unpaid bills and other odds and ends spread out across the counter. Incorporate extra storage into your design to ensure that the mess is always out of the way. Hidden drawers and cupboards are your best friends.

4. Go Monochrome
Opt for a monochromatic color palette for a super sleek look. For smaller spaces, white or similarly light colors will open up the kitchen, but if you have more space to work with, a dark slate or even black design can have a truly stunning effect.

5. Stick to Sleek Surfaces
Ten or so years ago, elaborate marble countertops were all the rage in the kitchen world. These days, it’s all about sleek understated surfaces. Glossy countertops in an understated neutral color can make all the difference in a modern kitchen design. Follow the same guidelines for your backsplash and cupboard finishes.

Modern Kitchen

6. Include Some Modern Lighting
Forgo the fluorescent lighting and opt for some subtle mood lighting. Installing special backsplash lights underneath your cupboards can give a very contemporary effect. Skip the ornate chandelier as well, and choose a sexy, modern lighting fixture instead.

7. Go For Understated Furniture
The center of any kitchen is the table and seating area. Choose understated chairs and a streamlined table or island. Bypass any seating with arms and look for monochromatic colors. If you’re looking for a wooden finish, the darker the better.

8. The Perfect Flooring
Flooring is an important element of every kitchen. Slip resistant, hard to damage, and easy to clean floors are the best option for an efficient kitchen floor. Keep in mind that flooring needs to work well with the other design elements in your room. The good thing is that your options aren’t narrowed down. They include vinyl, wood, stone, bamboo, concrete, etc…

9. Storage Space
Cabinets don’t have to be the only form of storage in kitchens. Other options include islands, carts, racks, as well as shelves. You also have the option of open or closed storages including plate and pot racks, wine and spice racks, and appliance drawers and pullouts.

10. The Last Touch
Finishing touches include elements of the kitchen such as windows, walls, seating, as well as other decorative accents. One thing to keep in mind is that the windows of the kitchen should match the space and they should be energy efficient, as with all other windows in the house. Think of seating that is comfy, and decorations that won’t cause too much clutter.

Or if you want to get a complete kitchen remodel then you can you can consult a kitchen renovation company. Then you can start your renovation project from kitchen planning and designing.

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