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Delayed Genetic Testing

by Angela
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I cant help but cry …. I am beyond irritated and upset … I don’t know where to vent out my frustration because my friends don’t know and can’t relate. We’ve been on the first few steps … I have been taking prenatal and birth control. Got some of my meds ready too … I’m willing to get started, BUT we need to get cleared from Genescreen first.

With that being said, my results came back already, BUT my husband’s result was not clear. So they did a re-test pushing us back a few weeks. So our first gene screen reading was canceled because they can’t proceed with just my result. When the second result should be out, they informed us that again they couldn’t get a viable data out of his genes, so they need to retest and redraw his blood. He went, and we are now waiting for the third result to come out. We are scheduled to have the reading on the 21’st and one week after I can start the meds — guess what? They just called right now and said: “Sorry, we need to retest his sample once again”! Really??? So we now have to wait for a few more weeks again.

Update: I proceeded with my meeting yesterday hoping my genes will come back negative of everything — nope. I have 3. They said it is normal for people to have something. Oh well. Now we are left without a choice and “wait” again for my hubby’s results. This blood/gene testing is the 4th time, and they will also send a saliva kit because his blood “doesn’t have enough data” or at least that is what they said.

I am not sure if this is just the birth control driving me depress or the waiting part that keeps getting stretched out. Anyone else affected by their birth control pills? Because of all the delays (which they say is very unusual) I’m now on Birth control for a month and a half.

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