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No Man is an Island

by Angela
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Today I start taking my prenatal supplement … it may just be “vitamins” but it’s like a dose of hope. That this is it.We’re on our way to becoming parents. I am not sure how this will change our lives, but I know good things will come out of it.

I wonder if anyone feels the same as I do. Maybe I am simply too excited. Just thought I’d log this info here so I can remember when I started taking certain stuff. It’s kind of relaxing to jot down things on this blog. It reminds me of my younger days when I use to write in my diary. Even about the most random things. At least I have a place where I can express myself – without holding back. Maybe someday I’ll find the courage to share this blog on the Fertilitalk group. In hopes that I can also help someone with their journey. Or possibly find someone who can relate to my story. It wouldn’t hurt to get to know people who can understand your struggle and empathize instead of simply sympathizing.

Update: it is now night time and I am having some chest pain. Not sure if it’s my body adjusting to the supplement or something else. I mean … how can a vitamin cause chest pain? Probably just me. Plus the fact that I worry too much over anything. Making things worst than it really is.

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