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Alas … year 2020 is done and over with. New Year means a new beginning right? Then again, what am I saying here? It’s not like the pandemic is going anywhere. It is still here, we are all still trying our best to fight it, avoid it, and find cure for it. To be honest, it is here to stay whether we like it or not. Throughout the year of 2020 we all have been wishing for it to go away. Here we are now at 2021. Did anything change? A bit. It’s like the world had stopped revolving, a year had passed without much happening for us and at the same time the whole world had changed as well. We could keep ranting, complaining, and even put blame on others … but what is that going to do? Not much honestly.

Throughout the year of 2020 I have taken a step back on a lot of things to appreciate what we have. I wanted to find my voice again. Put a goal in all things, and I did exactly that. A mindful reset. So this time around it won’t just be any kind of content.

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