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How To Raise A Happy Child

by Angela
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Every parent will want their child to grow up to be both happy and healthy. We can do a lot to make both of those things happen, but whereas having a healthy child is something that can be done with practical methods (such as ensuring they exercise and that they eat healthy food), raising a happy child is a little more complicated. Yet, there are ways we can contribute to our children’s happiness that will help them greatly now and in the future. Read on to find out how to raise a happy child.

Let Them Do Things For Themselves
It’s so tempting to do everything for our children. We see them struggling and want to fix the problem, but in doing so, we might be causing further issues. Although you’ll need to help your child a lot when they are very young, it’s best to take a step back and allow them to try things for themselves as they get older. This is how they learn, and it’s how they gain confidence. The more confident they are in their own abilities, the more opportunities they will see and take advantage of, and the more new things they will try. This all adds up to a happier child who is unafraid to take chances when need be.

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Be A Role Model
If you want your child to be happy, you need to be happy. This doesn’t mean hiding when you’re sad or anxious, as that isn’t good for your wellbeing, and it’s not teaching your kids a good lesson about life. Sometimes you will feel bad, and they need to know that it’s okay to feel that way.

However, if you aren’t happy, you need to make the changes that will bring you happiness to be a good role model for your children. This could be changing jobs and finally doing the job you always wanted, or even starting your own business. It could be changing locations and moving closer to family and friends, or starting new somewhere entirely different – bear in mind, though, that long distance moving needs to be discussed with your entire family so that it doesn’t come as a shock and upset anyone. It could be leaving a bad relationship or taking the next steps in a new one. What will make you happy? Consider this and do what you need to do to achieve that goal.

Reduce The Schedule
Many parents try to fill their children’s schedules up as much as possible, with all kinds of afterschool activities and weekend clubs and hobbies. This is often because they want their kid to experience everything possible and have as many opportunities in life as they can. For a lot of parents, there wasn’t so much choice when it came to extra activities when they were young, so they are happy to be giving those opportunities to their own children.

But are the children happy? Or are their schedules so full that there’s no time just to play outside or sit and read or have playdates or do nothing at all? If that’s the case, discuss this with your child. What is it they enjoy and want to keep doing, and what would they like to drop? One or two outside activities are great for children, but they also need time to relax and be kids, so bear this in mind and don’t overcrowd their time; they’ll be happier when they’re freer.

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